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Aliko was born and raised in Seattle ,Washington to a French Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jewish mother and a Caribbean father. Aliko is a first generation American, trans male, Blaxk, Jewish, Arabic, bilingual entrepreneur and producer. Aliko is the Founder and director of the businesses and projects listed below.


Aliko is a coach, producer, designer, and speaker, and is currently deepening his foundation as an anti-capitalist somatic historian, studying how our culture impacts our nervous systems. Through all of his businesses, events, expertise, and intersecting identities, he is able to live out his dedication to carving out space for our humanity through his work.

In his words


I lead a team in crafting inspiring brand and business foundations with impactful design for social purpose businesses and individuals.


Aliko is both the founder and director of a multitude of  businesses situated on Coast Salish Lands also known as the greater Seattle area.

Hover over the logos presented below to delve into Aliko's work, and feel free to explore their respective websites for a deeper understanding of their endeavors.


With a vision to nurture a global movement that transcends capitalism, OLDS is a design firm based out of Seattle Washington, they have made it their mission to craft inspiring foundations through impactful design, for social purpose businesses and individuals. OLDS assists small businesses, thought leaders, and creatives with accessible, equitable, and empowering tools for growth in their businesses and in their communities.


We Are U Productions (formally U Productions) is a Seattle based company that brings visions into form, channeling our communities talent, creation and craft into potent events and potent businesses. We Are U Productions was founded to ensure a space for creativity, self expression and embodiment to thrive in order to create a world where those values ring true.


Expansion Festival is a celebration to honor the divine essence within each of us. Expansion Festival or a version of it has run from 2018-2024. 

Expansion Festival brings 200-350 people together and serves as a festival for the Seattle community and beyond to gather around music, art and education.


The more we gather, the more we manifest the future we desire.

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logo-GOOD-FOR-CHOCOLATE-WINNER_01 - Logo - Full Color.png

Good For Chocolate is the first major Pacific Northwest raw, organic, permaculture grown cacao distributer. Located in Seattle, WA, we bring justice to the market by educating people and communities on the magic to chocolate’s unrefined alternative: cacao. We are committed to getting GOOD cacao in the hands of chocolate lovers everywhere.


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