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"An important threshold in my vocational journey over this past year was when I started working with Aliko. Aliko’s coaching goes right to the heart of limiting belief patterns, and helps me turn them inside out. It is important to note that he doesn’t do this for me, I have to work for it, which makes it that much more valuable. I see Aliko wielding powerful tools in a humble and attuned way, and am incredibly grateful for his companionship and guidance."

- Elias Saras 
Founder of Somatic Belonging

Somewhere in the vast infinity of realities, there is a reality that exists where you are the person of your wildest dreams. 

The two things keeping you from the highest version of yourself are limiting beliefs and trauma.


 Just like you, I've stood at crossroads, sensing untapped potential and unfulfilled dreams. I am a coach that has three coaches. We need each other to get where we want to go.

Guided by mentors, I've learned that a village indeed raises a person.


This philosophy is central to how I coach.

What you can expect:

  • Cultivating mental frameworks for growth and navigation through life. 

  • Unwinding Limiting Beliefs: Break free from limiting beliefs to embrace your best self.

  • Self/Universe Trust Cultivation: Build somatic trust with the Universe

  • Manifestation Coaching: Learn effective skills to manifest.

  • Life Cheat Codes: Uncover ways of seeing the world that allow you to get to where you want to go.

  • Self Transformation: Uncover a version of you that you always wanted to exist. 

  • Money Mindset Evolution: Rewire your relationship with money for financial abundance.

  • Strategic Business Growth: Receive expert guidance for business development.

  • The Completion Process: Undertake a transformative journey for closure and trauma healing. 

  • Inner Transformation with "The Work" by Byron Katie, explore profound growth by questioning beliefs and thoughts that keep you from accessing the highest version of yourself. 

Who is the version of you that has everything they want? What do they do everyday? How do they keep themselves well? How do they deal with adversity?

I'm here to help you uncover them.

Aliko see’s me like nobody else. He is able to see the patterns in my present way of being and draw connections to how I have lived my entire life. I am always held so compassionately in my shadow and reminded of all the ways that I shine. There have been so many cathartic moments when working with Aliko and anyone who gets the opportunity to also work with this emotionally brilliant human should take it.

- Trevor 

“Aliko coached me to building a large network in a new city which directly led to lifelong friendships, lucrative business partnerships and a thriving community. I have a mind map of the invaluable relationships I’ve made in this new city, and I wouldn’t have met any of them without Aliko’s strategy and coaching.” 

Aliko has a gift of combining his capacity to see you as a whole human being with his experience in the industry to create something. Every meeting was an absolute joy, even as I pushed my own edges to grow and commit to my vision.

Hayley Shannon 

- Nathan Aaren 

I'm grateful for my time and conversation with Aliko, he helped me regain and navigate back to self trust and my sense of inner knowing. 

"An important threshold in my vocational journey over this past year was when I started working with Aliko. Aliko’s coaching goes right to the heart of limiting belief patterns, and helps me turn them inside out.


Elias Serras 

Youth Mentorship

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The Embodied Leadership program is a combination of mentorship, immersive experiences, special challenges embodiment exercises, music, play, deep inquiry and discussion, learning and more. 

This Program takes place in the Tacoma WA School District at Middle school and High Schools. Aliko is an educator and facilitator for the Embodied Leadership Program, facilitating life skills for youth ages 12-17. 



Aliko plays a vital role as a mentor within the Alphabet Alliance of Color (AAoC), an organization dedicated to the advancement of queer and trans Black, Indigenous, and other people of color (QTBIPOC) in the local community. Aliko's mentorship extends to guiding young individuals, offering unwavering support for both personal growth and business development endeavors.

Through Aliko's dedicated efforts, they contribute to the holistic development of QTBIPOC youth, enabling them to navigate life's various facets with confidence and promoting equity within this diverse and vibrant community.

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