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Change, Solidarity and Building Somatic Trust with the Universe

I've recently undergone a profound period of change and transformation, akin to being forged in the crucible of life, emerging renewed, the slow climb back to 100% has begun.

As beautifully captured in the lyrics of Luka's newest remix of his song 'Fearless,' which has been holding me deeply these last few months, he says, “Silver will not ever shine unless a fire refines it.”

This is a short 7 minute talk I delivered for Nefesh and The Queer Mikveh Project a few weeks ago. I'm deeply grateful to Rebekah Erev for extending the invitation.

I gave this talk Sunday morning at Imagine Music & Arts Festival on zoom. My inspiration for this talk on change stemmed from the revival Tea tent hosted by Ben Browner and the Saturday night opening performance by my dear friends Paul Chiyokten Wagner and Max Ribner. (Catch the audio I captured of their opening performance and collaboration in this video)

The closing moments of the video feature me singing "Everything is Change," a song by my talented friend Alexandra Blakely. It also includes a clip from the recording session of Wails and my role behind the camera.

I hope you enjoy this short wisdom drop

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