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On War

Recently I’ve been thinking about how the war is not just over there, it’s also right here. The warring outside of ourselves is a reflection of the war within our own selves.

It’s the warring between the conflicting parts of ourselves, the warring between our families, the warring with our partners and friends. When the war at home within our own bodies and homes comes to a stop, that’s when we will stop seeing war outside ourselves. If we want a cease fire, where is it that we must cease fire?

I’ve also been thinking about how art, joy, music, beauty, still exists, hasn’t gone away with the appearance of more war, and its needed now more than ever. It’s everything everywhere all at once.

“Let everything happen to you, beauty and terror, no feeling is final” - Ranier Relke

We mustn’t stop making art, we mustn’t stop celebrating, we mustn’t stop being the beauty of humanity. That’s what will save us, not a hyper focus on our shadows. Although our shadows need to be faced, the facing of humanities shadows must starts by facing our own.

The art, beauty, joy and magic we create gives us resource and is the fuel to continue to do so, to continue to look inward at our own wars.

Thank you for making art with me as we war

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