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Finding Ourselves in Each Other

August 1st, 2022

Recently, I’ve been working really hard to allay my judgments of people.

I’ve come to understand that when we are ostracizing another, we are ostracizing a part of ourselves.

The world began to break when we saw ourselves in another and judged it and said “you don’t belong anymore”.

As I begin to reclaim all the parts of myself that I have ostracized over the years, I am finding it easier to reclaim everyone around me as a part of myself.

Now when I look at someone and my mind goes to judge them, or I am triggered by something someone does I’m finding a few things:

  1. I either do the same shit.

  2. I’m envious of them. And then I let myself be envious of them. (Feel it to heal it)

  3. I ask myself: how has capitalism/ Neo colonial programming impacted them to shape them to act, look, or behave that way.

And I find the through line of compassion there.

There is a .1% difference in DNA between all of us, .1 difference that makes me look different than you.

As I talk to my community, I’m finding we’re all battling the same core battles, have manifested the same core wounds, we’re all carrying around the same debilitating beliefs.

No wonder - all of our ancestors and all of us have navigated the same themes throughout history and culture. Have battled similar global oppressive systems, have been indoctrinated to act and behave a certain way, we consume the same media, propaganda, and so did our ancestors (organized religion and government). We have all had to develop survival mechanism in order to keep our belonging post indigenized culture.

There are 9 billion of us now, and there’s a .1% difference in DNA between all of us. .1 - We are all simply reflections of each other.

I hope to move into building a world where we find ourselves in one another. And by doing so, we reclaim each other as part of ourselves.

In this place is where we will create “a more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible” - Charles Eisenstien

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