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For Blood and Business

December 5th 2022

I went to my acupuncturist on Friday and he held my wrists to check my pulse and could tell through my pulse that my blood was overworked. He explained that blood is the conductor of experiences and emotions. For example, without blood “you lose feeling to any part of your body” He said, “if you lose blood you lose consciousness”.

He said that I’m having trouble integrating my experiences into my body and it’s showing through my blood. I’ve been traveling so much this year and I can tell it’s been really dispersing my energy - And the travel isn’t quite over for me, I leave for Oakland again in two weeks.

I am so blessed to live such a beautiful full life with so many experiences and so much magic every day. I love the people and projects I get to support, my home nestled up next to Lake WA, the freedom I feel in my body, and going deeper with myself along this journey.

As U Productions (my first company) splits into two businesses, and the event sector becomes a community run social purpose business, and the second half rebrands into a beautiful design firm, I’m sitting with questions around how do we do this well. What has been lost that we are all looking for? And how can the values of our ancestors be integrated into our modern lifestyles? How can right relationship be coupled into action, whilst existing within a social culture that directly opposes it?

As always I’m finding the answers.

I am sifting through a new book released this year called Restoring the Kinship Worldview introduced to me by my dear friend Lux Gypsum ( This book contains commentary, wisdom, and perspective from indigenous folks around the world on 28 topics about life. Some topics include death, nature, competition and games, humor, time and gender. Through my own experience and this book over the last six months, I’ve integrated these things in my life, and am looking forward to deeply inhabiting them through business:

  • Divesting from rush culture: nature and the universe has its own pace, a timeline that is not aligned with that of capitalism. Trust. Move with the pace of your nervous system not at the pace of the speeding cars behind you.

  • Power is okay when there is consent with power. The problem with our current culture is there is no consent built into capitalism. - RKW

  • Relationship over profit: investing in relationships as the center of life. How do we invest in community as our long term plan rather than accounts?

  • Earth at the Center: “We are deeply dependent on the earth. If we lost any limb in our body we could still live. If we lost our eyesight we could still live. If we lose the water, the air, the earth, we will die.” - RKW

  • Follow your heart wisdom and intuition. Even if it feels like you’re jumping off a cliff, what’s on the other side is remarkable (I personally know this through so much experience). - RKWk

May this serve as a reminder to tend to our blood and to our business. To take time to rest and to integrate our experiences into our nervous systems. May you continue to take your time and be well.

How do you want to reconnect your lifestyle to go at the pace of life?

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