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Restore the Wildness

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

When we restore the wildness inside us, we restore the wilderness around us.

Wake up people - there is no more time to stay in the program, the matrix of society and our culture. You are a hybrid being of terrestrial (Terra means earth) and celestial DNA. Your body contains mathematical ratios called the fibonacci sequence that mirror the same ratios as galaxies, flowers, spiral sea shells, and practically everything else in nature. With countless landscapes and species, this planet is a library of our galaxy. We have been programmed by the elite, who use dark magic and psychology that was sold to them by Freuds nephew to destroy are souls and manipulate our minds and emotions for energetic and harvesting purposes. I don’t have time for everyones shit anymore. Feel your body, be vulnerable, communicate your needs, desires, and boundaries, ask for containers and the space to do so, take responsibility, be accountable, dance (feel your body), sing, grieve - hard, learn how to soothe your nervous system. The mask you’re wearing for others in keeping you from yourself. Talk to people about important issues, start movements if you don’t agree with your companies ethics. Fuxk your company, start your own business. Learn where you come from and the ancient magic that was burned or hung at the stake (literally) in your ancestry. Take opportunities to heal when they reveal themselves, try something new. Your will is your wand. You’re casting spells with your word, that’s why they call it spelling. Don’t be afraid to express yourself, you’re a fucking animal, a space animal/ celestial animal, but still, an animal.

When we restore the wildness inside us, we restore the wilderness around us.

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